UK Data Platform & Cloud

Hi! Welcome to the home of the UK Microsoft Data Community! We represent the various organisers, admins and helpers that run a wide collection of user groups across the UK.

If you’re looking for details about your local groups, upcoming meetings or for details on the wider events & conferences we support, you’re in the right place! If all you want is to dive into the world of data nerdery, we are your people.

User Groups

Whether you’re into dashboards or databases, python or powershell, there’s a group of like-minded data lovers. We’re keeping track of the ones we know – if we’re missing any, just get in touch!


Sometimes just an hour with your favourite data people just isn’t enough. Sometimes a whole day of tech, learning, talking & networking is needed! Here are a few that we’re currently working on.

Community Blog

Several of us write blogs, all of us have our favourite bloggers. We’re curating a list of our favourites, so if you want recommendations on people to follow, dive right in.

Without Data, you’re just another person with an opinion

W. Edwards Deming

Data is everywhere, if anything there’s way too much of it. There’s currently an explosion of data-related technology and ideas, and we’re on a mission to explore them all…

We might also enjoy getting together with friends for food & drinks…