Introducing DPAC Community

Hello! Welcome to the UK Data Platform & Cloud Community – a group of Microsoft data nerds, all gathered in one place!

In reality, this community has existed for a long time, but scattered as a range of regional user groups and meetups, each organising their own members, events, speakers etc.

Given the current global events, we’re all having to figure out the new normal; how do we support each other as a community? How do we help those whose lives have been turned upside down? Can we support those who have been furloughed or simply can’t travel to learn more and boost their career potentials for when this all blows over?

We’ve set this site up to allow more visibility of what’s going on across all communities. When “nipping across the country to get to an interesting user group” was previously unrealistic, it’s super easy to jump on a remote session and learn something new!

Firstly – check out the User Groups page. We’re linking to all of the groups we’re aware of so you can quickly see upcoming events and plan which groups you want to join and learn from.

In order to help the sharing of virtual events, we’ve also created the UK DPAC Virtual group, where we can organise remote sessions shared across the various groups!

Next there’s this Blog – many of us have our own blogs, but we’re looking to open this up. If you’re looking to start blogging during the lockdown (nothing better to do, eh?) then we’re happy for you to use this platform, and we’ll help signal boost you to the various groups, right from the very start!

We’ll be fleshing out the events, news and other sections as we go on – PLEASE get in touch if there’s anything we can help with, that you’d like to see, or if you want to get involved to help organise/blog/whatever!

Stay safe everyone – and happy learning!


Published by Simon Whiteley

Data Nerd, Director of Engineering @ Advancing Analytics, Microsoft Data Platform MVP

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